MR. N.D.Thakare

One thing that stands out when you are dealing with a family-owned business is the personal touch: You as the customer know exactly who you are dealing with.

This is also the case when you work with Indo Pump. The M.D Mr. N.D. Thakare and his dedicated staff personally guarantee the quality of their products. Another thing you can count on is continuity and reliability: At Indo Pump, our customers do not need to worry about any short-term change of course - this gives you peace of mind as we work together to find and execute a long-term strategy to meet your goals.

Indo Pump’s goal is quality and continuous improvement. The main purpose of our company is to gain and maintain the role of “Privileged Supplier” in the design and manufacturing of Industrial & agricultural pumps.We are offering to customers the right product which meets their expectations. We want to offer the best pumps & services with extremely reduced delivery time.

Continuous improvement is a very important aspect in the corporate mission, as a matter of fact Indo Pump’s development is guided by:

  • Attention to the requirements, recommendations and customers’ claims;
  • Analysis of customer satisfaction;
  • Constant checks of the effectiveness of the operational processes;
  • Continuous training for skill development & self-improvement of in house & outdoor team.
  • The use of qualified vendors capable to supply products and services suitable for the quality level of our company in globe market.
  • The periodical analysis & maintenance of the Quality Management System according to the changes that occur in the field of activity and to the connected risks.


To be a world Leader in Pumping Solution...!



Creating a Customer Centric Culture by World Class Quality & Delivery Commitment..!!


The values that have guided the company since its foundations are :

• The quality of the Pumps and of their materials.

• The competence , availability and courtesy of the employees who meet the customer’s needs.

• The constant desire to offer the best service in terms of price/quality and delivery time of the Products.