“Indo Pump” Brand zero leak Massecuite pumps are designed principally to handle high viscosity abrasive sugar products that contain sugar crystals such as Massecuite, Magma and Molasses. Rotary pump employs elliptical rotor rotating at a very slow speed in a circular casing. It is excellent for handling Magma/ Massecuite in the sugar and other highly viscous liquids like black liquor in the paper industries. The design ensures that the sugar crystals contained.


  • High pumping capacity

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Easy for assembly & dismantling

  • Dynamically balanced rotor & shaft

  • Large suction port

  • The Pump rotors are fitted with replaceable bronze tips.

  • Pumps are designed for either clockwise or anti-clockwise assembly


  • `Zero’ Leakage Pollution free.

  • Spring less & glandless Flap

  • Available Single Ended & Both Ended Bearing

  • Power saver, energy efficient

  • Gentle pumping action does not damage sugar crystals

  • Handles, A,B,C Massecuite & magma

  • Special, Durable & Economical mechanical seal design


  • “A” Magma, “B” Magma, “C” Massecuite, Dry Seed Massecuite, “B” Seed Magma, also for handling very high viscosity fluid in Sugar Industry &